My name is Briana Inell Smith and I am a graduate of Old Dominion University. Through an individualized studies program, I designed my own degree program called International Child Welfare and Development, and am minored in Studio Art. I have worked at a daycare in Alexandria for ten years, which has helped me discover that children are my passion in life. 


After seven years with my Nikon DSLRs and many college photography classes, I have developed my own unique style in my photographs. I started having photo shoots in 2012. I have learned how to integrate my hobby and my passion, capturing my love for children through pictures! My goal is to photograph the precious moments in life, and reflect children’s true beauty and personality, through my images.


As a native of the DC area, I spend my time between the Washington area and the New York City area. I may be a young photographer but I have big goals, big plans, and big dreams. I travel out of the country a couple times a year to volunteer my time and talent to non-profit organizations. I have been privileged to be able to capture many countries and cultures with my camera, but even more so, the people around the world, have captured my heart. 


I delight in diversity, have a passion for children, thrive in the craziness of life, and I aspire to snatch it all up and turn it into art.



                                    Picture courtesy of Chelsea Anderson Photography.