Want to learn? Would you like to shadow? Briana Inell Photography now offers mentoring classes! One on one or group mentoring will be scheduled privately with each photographer.  No set dates right now as I know travel schedules and family schedules are hard enough as it is.  If you are interested in scheduling 1:1 mentoring with me – please use the contact form to get it started.


One day with your date of choice for a focused mentoring to go over everything I do that you want to know more about. From my detailed prep packet, to baby posing, how I choose set-ups, my style, posing, soothing babies, light, angles, hiccups (both literal and just the ‘oh well that won’t work’ things that arise during sessions).  From the simple poses that aren’t so simple to the more detailed, family newborn and sibling posing as well.  Every detail and how I do things will be shared.  You will act as my “assistant”, learning how I would guide an actual assistant or mom/dad to help me, I will take your hand and show you how and where I move the babies and why.  Helping to guide you through all of it.  You will shoot every set up and we will go over all the angles and how to achieve them.  Post processing and editing as well!

We’re now offering a few different options for newborn mentoring sessions. Bring a friend or two and save some money ;)

1:1 mentoring – $850
1:2 mentoring – $600 per mentee
1:3 mentoring – $400 per mentee

The itinerary usually looks something like this…
10:00 – Meet up so we can get to know each other and what you’d like to improve upon the most in your newborn photography and setup for the newborn shoot. We’ll prepare both beanbag and prop setups prior to the session.
11:00 – Newborn arrives, and we will go through my regular posing workflow. Asking questions is encouraged!
2:00 – Wrap up and go over post processing workflow.

Mentees should own a DSLR, have an understanding of shooting in manual mode, and bring a lens with a focal length between 35 & 85mm (zooms are fine). Also bring a macro if you own one!